zondag 30 december 2018

Number 3

Number 3

And now as we enter the Top 3 and see which record ends up with the Bronze Medal, we can probably guess which ones ended up on Number 2 and Number 1 as well. I am pretty sure you all know which. There was no escaping that fact. On a lot of the lists that came in the three were riding high and glorious on top. So we pass Graveyard and their Peace album on Number 4 with almost thirty points to go see about that album on position Number 3. Which is once again a band from Sweden and once again an album that has seen many editions of the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown. Number 9 back in 2014, Number 14 in 2012 and Number 1 last year. This record continues where the last album left off. And thus; it gives us their very own groove and energy, it’s their bounce, it’s their stomp and you cannot help but bounce and stomp along. Chuck full of majestic riffs and amazing hooks it shows once again that these cats know what their signature sound has become. And even if you feel for a second that the album sounds like the band sounded on the last one, you realise that it is the sound which drew you in in the first place. And hey, riding that green water rapid makes everything alright! All the time!

So here is the Bronze Medal, which goes to the Number 3 position... Where we find...

Greenleaf - Hear The Rivers   

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