zaterdag 29 december 2018

Number 4

Number 4

As we mentioned on position Number 5, where we found Longing To Be The Mountain by King Buffalo, the jumps in points get bigger and bigger now. We jump almost forty points to reach Number 4. An album, which, I must confess, I had definitely not expected this high. Ofcourse it’s good and the band has been making the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown with almost every album they released. Reaching Number 10 in 2015, Number 3 in 2012 and Number 2 in 2011. And we must admit we have loved everyone of those albums and one of them has become an all time favorite. And it wasn’t because the band had announced they were calling it quits some six months prior to this release. No, it’s simply because it seemed like the album had not been making the waves like all their others did before this one. But I’m glad to see it arrive at Number 4. Cause they are back! And with knives in their teeth! We can state that all their records are wild and wonderful, but that some of the sharp edge and danger slowly dissipated the during the course of their albums. It’s back now. On this album they sound much more chased, hunted and on the run. They sound like they have something to prove again. That there is no peace on their mind. Gritty, bluesy, grungy hard rock and with that ever-prevalent love for the seventies that these cats always displayed. Does the new drummer change the sound? No, he sounds like the perfect replacement for the old one, he continues the wildness we love and injects it with a new razor-sharp edge! Before we enter the Top 3 we have to deal with Number 4!

Graveyard – Peace

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