vrijdag 28 december 2018

Number 5

Number 5

To reach Number 5 we do a minor jump of only six points. But after that, all the jumps become bigger and bigger to reach the final entry of the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2018. So, we leave Earthless and their Black Heaven on Number 6 and move on to an atmospheric record of mountainous proportion. One that has quickly become a favorite around the globe. And we had the honor to write a short blurb for the Doom Charts about this album. Which we began with an admiration for the album title alone… “… is one of the best album titles and already offers an insight to what is to come. It's simply gorgeous in all aspects. In tune with nature the new record takes you through the wide expanse and above the big wide divide. This is sleeping the dream kind of stuff! This is introspective and stellar at the same exact moment. It is so spacious and so luscious that it feels like cream to your ears. It is a true odyssey and adventure that makes you fall in love with everything all at once. Expertly weaving hypnotic and dreamy into something that not only feels grandiose but really is gigantic. Not in a bombastic sense, but in the sense of something true and honest.  It reminds of that line from a long-lost poem: ‘all my life, my heart has sought for a thing I cannot name’. And with this album we can state: it has been found…” Here’s Number 5 !

King Buffalo – Longing To Be The Mountain

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