maandag 31 december 2018

Number 2

Number 2

We move twenty-five points up from Bronze Medal album Hear The Rivers by Greenleaf on Number 3 to reach the album you voters voted for to reach the runner-up position on Number 2. Another band that has been making the final list for multiple years. And even reaching Number 2 before. Number 8 back in 2011 and the Silver Medal for their 2014 album. This time around they were bested by almost forty points by the album that ended up on Number One. But lets focus on the raw album that lays before us. A record that translates into sound all that angst, fear and worry the writer felt when going through an awful period. It will be choking you with emotion and harrowing visions. It will be pummeling you raw with pounding riffs and grate your soul with a bone chilling voice. And that is how the record grabs you and sits you down, it will speak to you and philosophize about it all. And all of that resounds in the music. Oppressive and suffocating on one hand and expansive and progressive on the other end. There is light at the end of the tunnel… 

The Silver Medal goes to…

Yob - Our Raw Heart

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