vrijdag 7 februari 2014

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday segment will be a weekly feature of a handful of bands and only a small amount of words to help spread their musical prowess… 

Omega Sun – Rehearsal Demo 2013

Today we visit lovely Slovenia. First up is Omega Sun. A recently formed instrumental trio that recorded their first two-track demo back in December of 2013. Two groovy stoner tracks that are both wickedly heavy and monstrously fuzzed-out. Want to feel the heat of summer of generator parties and massive riffs? Check out Omega Sun! (Psst. Word on street is they’ve also been drinking with a vocalist? So who knows what the future holds?)

Jegulja – Live

Former member of the mighty Slovenian stoner groove formation Carnaval started his own band: Jegulja. The first gigs have come and gone. Free for all stoner freak out music meant for the open minded and open hearted. An instrumental trio that tunes their guitars low and let’s the drummer take charge… Strange and extremely challenging… Even though the soundquality isn't really good; Check out Jegulja!

Broken Lock - Want to exit this ergastulum?

And to keep things Slovenian; let’s revisit the 2009 album Want To Exit This Ergastulum? by the crossover progressive alternative sludge metal formation Broken Lock. And with jazz and stoner elements is difficult to pinpoint and that’s what makes them interesting… And a new album is still waiting; just behind the horizon… 

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  1. Dig the jegulja, heavy, fuzzy instrumental goodness, good find.