dinsdag 18 februari 2014

Mammoth Storm – Rite of Ascension

Mammoth Storm – Rite of Ascension                
Self Released 2014
Doom, Sludge 
Rated: ***

Rite of Ascension, the effort laid forth by Sweden’s newcomers Mammoth Storm lay their cards out on the table quite early in the form of two tracks of menacing, plodding doom metal. This particular doom shimmy recalls the likes of Sleep and Warhorse, the former by way of a gruff, stoned vocal delivery and the latter in the form of thick, grimy doom metal riffs that may or may not leave thin resin cake on your ears. Whether or not one should smoke said resin cake is up to the listener but the high times certainly permeate the recording session. What the title track may lack in variation is made up for in mind-swerving doom riffage. Second track “Obscure Horizon”, thankfully varies up the proceedings by splicing in quieter moments and introducing some phased-out guitar soloing that lends just enough psychedelic flavor to keep the track above water. Mammoth Storm have some work to do in the songwriting department, but the sheer devotion to sludgy stoner doom is unquestionably, and welcome...
(Written by Matthew McGarity)

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