woensdag 18 december 2013

Number 14

Number 14

“Named for the 54 Colorado peaks which tower over 14,000 feet in elevation, this beer is a spectacular copper hued beauty. The treatment of the water to simulate English hard water and the blending of several specialty malts and hops produce a delicate balance between aromatic maltiness and herbal hops. An extra special bitter ale beer that has aromas of citrus, honey, vanilla and yeast, this domestic craft beer has strong herbal hops flavors followed by mild malt flavors…”

Another entry that only had one point more than the one that came before. Yes, these lovely guys do their musical dance on Number 14. And they do it with pazazz! Their flamboyant dazzling style might defer the attention a bit form their pop sensible doom metal but still; they do it on their own terms and with a definite feel for flair! Moving ever forward from their theatrical beginning towards a musical future; (which was even more perfected on the follow-up EP also released this year) these boys dress for every occasion. On the album released earlier this year they combine pop sensible hooks and melodies with a hallowed atmosphere, some sixties occultism and Scandinavian metal twists. Instead of hostile we are treated to docile tunes that beg to be stroked… Stroked hard…

GHOST (B.C.) – Infestissumam  

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