maandag 2 december 2013

Mothermound – The Burden of Tomorrow

Mothermound – The Burden of Tomorrow
Hollow Earth Records – 2013
Rock, Metal, Doom, Death, Prog
Rated: ***

Mothermound is responsible for some damn slow paced metal with a mostly death metal growl, scratch and bite. On their debut album The Burden of Tomorrow this Slovenian foursome also weave in some clean vocals as well as some acoustic meandering. But it’s the death metal marching, the stampeding drums at times and the technical riffs that do most of the talking. There are some doomy parts and those might be traced back to the band's origin around 1995 when they acted as a trio under the name Expulsion. But under the Mothermound moniker the guys have been truckin since 2009 and have now delivered something that opens up a new future. A future that is highly aggressive, volatile and guttural. It’s just too bad some of the vocals aren’t that convincing and some of the early tracks on the record somehow lack a great arch of tension. Still; it’s Slovenian and it’s metal. So it’s all good…

(Written by JK)

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