donderdag 5 december 2013

Madbox – Perfect Things

Madbox – Perfect Things
Self released – 2013
Rock, Grunge, Punk
Rated: ***

The Milano, Italy trio Madbox has produced a highly infectious debut effort, which they have called Perfect Things. No, don’t be alarmed. The album is by no means perfect; but therein lies, like always, it’s beauty. Vocalist Roby Cresci might not be too confident in his voice and pronunciation making him a bit too screamy, emulated and loud to cover that fact up. It has its charm but could make all the difference when it develops a bit more. The album starts off loud, fast and with full on ruckus! But after the opener the first few tracks seem to wash over you with waves of a bit too much or so it seems. But just as you are about to dismiss them as a simple but fun and mad trio; they hook you in with their title track. After which they whip you up with Man Of Lies and then starts the goodness. Ending with the highly different ‘ballad’ Tears. Which leaves you to conclude that the gritty, dirty and choppy drums are there, the intense and sometimes funky bass is there as well and so is the slamming guitar. Milano seems to have a knack for high-octane grunge with a punky edge. And like their buddies Polarbeers; Madbox is another damn good example!

(Written by JK)

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