donderdag 5 december 2013

Lazy Aftershow – Lazy Aftershow

Lazy Aftershow – Lazy Aftershow
Self released – 2013
Rock, Space, Post, Psych, Instrumental
Rated: ****

Lazy Aftershow is a trio that hails from Thessaloniki, Greece and was formed in the midsection of 2012. The instrumental psychedelic space rock extravaganza displayed on their full-sized self-titled debut weaves itself nicely through the postrock landscape. Their they encounter loads of eighties references, Morricone memories and little remembrances of ketamine krautrock and postpunk PCP. The album is a tiny bit weird or perhaps a tiny bit normal. The melodies seem to want to lull you to sleep but the guitar and drum outbursts never give you the chance to peacefully travel into dreamland. And then; after the second or third rude awakening you suddenly realize where this music would be perfect for. Dark nights in a lonely desert landscape; your automobile moving slowly underneath the starry night, with the widows down, the endless dust crawling beneath the wheels and an occasional pit stop to dance naked in the sand. And then it starts with a few falsetto yips, then blossoms into something resembling maniacal laughter, the yips stringing together into chattering howls alongside the coyotes at the waxing moon…

(Written by JK)

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