vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Pothead – Grassroots

Pothead – Grassroots
Janitor – 2001
Rock, Stoner, Grunge
Rated: ****

The Pothead story continues on without relent. A year after the 1999 Fairground album they re-released their Burning Bridges EP and immediately after that in 2001 we were treated to a new full-sized album called Grassroots. It revisits their roots as the title might have already pointed at and shows us that there are only a few real survivors of the grunge-era. With a mighty groove and ditto basswork; razor-sharp riffs and straight up power drumming the albums rolls over you like a massive snowball. And it seems to get bigger and larger with every consecutive listening session. It’s that slow gin sinking to your stomach and making it all warm and fuzzy within. And are once again the vocals are the absolute icing on the cake. After which it took no shorter than two years before a new record saw the light of day. On Tuf Luv from 2003 they took their own cake, sliced it, diced it and ate it too. It’s heavy laden with meaning and intensity, it grinds and grates and shows their eclectic influences. Top Pothead albums for every head out there…

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  1. Tuf Luv is damn good. Will be the last Pothead for a moment though. There is so much more that deserves attention!