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FULL ALBUM PREMIERE - Black Capricorn - Sacrifice Darkness and ... Fire




Black Capricorn - Sacrifice Darkness and ... Fire

You’ve drawn the pentagram on the floor, lit the candles and are now waiting for the ritual to commence. You feel the air grow thicker, the surrounding shadows grow larger and the burn in your lungs means something behind you is waiting for the right moment to show itself. So, here we are, for the FULL ALBUM PREMIERE of Black Capricorn’s new album Sacrifice Darkness and ... Fire, which will arrive tomorrow on Friday 12th  through Majestic Mountain Records. We wrote a few words about it on Wednesday, you can read them HERE, but all you doom worshippers really need to do, is press play… See you on the other side…

Words from the PR wire:

Italy's modern titans of doom rise once again, as the coven of scuzzy, occult psychedelia that is Black Capricorn are proud to present their epic new album "Sacrifice Darkness ... and Fire", out July 12 through Majestic Mountain Records. Following their lead singles and music videos "Sacrifice" and "A New Day Rising", the three-piece now unveil their seventh album in all its wicked glory.

As befits the title, Black Capricorn dive dark and deep on the LP, fully embracing the occult side of their signature doom to deliver eight tracks oozing with atmosphere. The journey is a winding one, dreamily wandering through the lysergic hypnosis of cuts like "The Moon Rises As The Immortals Gather", and raging with the thunderous, quaking stomp of "Queen Zabo" and "Electric Night". Rachela, Virginia, and Fabrizio are fully dug in on "Sacrifice Darkness ... and Fire", honing their craft ever further as they invite listeners on a psychedelic odyssey of dark magick rites and undeniable grooves.

"Majestic Mountain Records believed in us once again and we are thrilled to announce the new album, the second released by the rec label and the seventh of our career. We can't wait to start this new adventure and to spread the word!"




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