donderdag 6 juli 2023

Onda - Ancients



Onda - Ancients

Straight from the province of Cesena, Italy comes fourpiece Onda. Featuring Maurizio Morea on guitar from Olneya, the wonderful vocals are provided by Erika Maffi, bass work by Niccolò Piani and on drums Loris Rinaldi. Together they produce this sound you could characterize as alternative nineties and the emotive metal from that era. They released their first single and video Ancients a few months ago and if this is a promise for future songs, it promises a lot. A touch of gothic, prog and post rock give it this intense and epic atmosphere. Can’t wait to hear more!

Their own words:

ONDA was born in 2021 in the province of Cesena, the coming together of 4 musicians, each with different musical backgrounds, from metal, hardcore grunge to hard rock and stoner. The groups' sound is a mix of distorted Guitar and psychedelic delays, deep metallic bass, feminine vocals and rhythmic hard rock. The songs, cover current themes and describe the individual journeys.





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