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Seer Of The Void – Mantra Monolith



Seer Of The Void – Mantra Monolith
Venerate Industries – 27th January 2023
Doom, Stoner

Spawned after the demise of fellow Greek Glam-Stoners DR. AWKWARD AND THE SCREWS, Bassist and Frontman Grigoris Konstantaras leads a new, epic Doom collective into the world! Their previous album, "Revenant" bristled with a gloomy, almost funeral feel to it and now "Mantra Monolith" goes even deeper into Heavy Doom territory. Opener "Astride" is full-on Iommi worship - crushing riffs and that rumbling bass so very reminiscent. Vocally, Grigoris has slowed the pace from his earlier projects, this time opting for menacing growls and emphasis on the subject matter of each track. "Electric Father" blasts in like a slow-pounding Howitzer barrage with a delicious, evil riff rotting all over it. "Death Is My Name" is a mid-paced slugger whilst "Seventh Son" starts with fury and thrash - pummeling drums propelling an Old School riff progression with tight percussion. Eponymous track "Seer Of The Void" maintains the relentless, high-octane attack - once again, musically very tight and assured. "Demon's Hand" rumbles in on throbbing basslines and vicious riffs before dropping into the dark abyss of crepuscular Doom before finishing with an explosive climax of percussion and riff! "Hex" keeps the upbeat Sabbath motif alive and twitching through a multitude of stop-start crunching passages. Final track "Necromancer" rounds off the platter in fine style: again utilizing the powerful riffs and menacing growls to superb effect. "Mantra Monolith" is a very successful sophomore effort and  as their sound develops, SEER OF THE VOID will become a go-to band!

(Written by Reek of STOOM)




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