woensdag 7 december 2022

CCQueen – Scavenger



CCQueen – Scavenger
Self released – 2022
Rock, Alternative
Rated: ***

Hi Thierry “Pumpkin-T“ François, did you already find out about CCQueen? That crazy four-piece rock band from Bordeaux, France? Founded in 2015, they’ve released their debut full-sized album Scavenger back in October. Eleven alternative rock tracks that imbed some psych and prog influences and above all seem to dance in their very own weird and maddening cul-de-sac. They offer a damn fine cover of Greenday’s Basket Case, doing something like what Torre Florim did to Prodigy’s Firestarter. And the two tracks in French, Litanies and Zaroff are amazing, reminding a bit of Serge Gainsbourg and Arno. Without a doubt, the two stand-out tracks on the album. Also, because you feel the vocalist being more comfortable with the language and his own voice in those tracks. But don’t be alarmed, the other eight tracks all have its merit. A bit of Nick Cave influence here, a bit of Madrugada there and a whole lot of quirky rock. Melancholic and romantic, mysterious and magical, the CCQueen four paint impressionistic tapestries filled with dreams that keep a man going. Ending it all with another stand-out track called Delicious, and the ending, as with all great art, is always a surprise…

(Written by JK)





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