zondag 26 september 2021

The Waterfall King – Vol. I



The Waterfall King – Vol. I
Self released – 2021
Rock, Metal, Doom, Alternative, Grunge
Rated: *****

Looking for an engulfing dose of a pure sonic doom metal waterfall? Look no further. Check out the debut release Vol.I by Chicago trio The Waterfall King. Torpid torrents of doom tempo’s and sluggish riffs will drag you along to the edge of a huge cliff, pushing you over and letting you drown amidst an fathomless array of furious chords and ferocious drum work. Eight tracks and over an hour long, the album contains this booming sound, perfectly displayed by second track Crystal. A boom that comes in waves and borrows as much from the alternative and grungy nineties as it does from classic doom metal. There’s this feeling of dread and threat about and it gives every track a truly exciting ambiance. It makes you anxious, for more, for continuation, for those few moments of glittering splashes of light, when the sun hits those floating drops of water above the river. And they will come, not in the form of the incredibly forlorn, waterfall of noise and doomy third track Vessel or the very fitting fourth Nirvana-cover Something In The Way; but it will come and it will blow your mind. The entire fifth track Heavy Rain for instance, which starts out just as dark and languorous, slowly moving from alternative into stoner metal territory, using progressive elements, psychedelic touches and emotive vocals to conjure up a majestic atmosphere. Vol.I, another debut that will ring high once those year end lists start rolling in. And hey, I guess we could have known, cause it’s The Waterfall King!

(Written by JK)




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