vrijdag 17 september 2021

Lucifer's Fall - III - From The Deep



Lucifer's Fall - III - From The Deep
Self-released - August 2021
Doom, Heavy Metal, Traditional
Rated: *****

Riding forth from outer hells unknown are Adelaide, Australia's Lucifer's Fall and their third full length, III - From The Deep. The five piece deal in raw, unabashed trad doom and heavy metal, spinning tales of unholy ancient gods atop crunching gallops and piercing guitar leads. Drums like rolling thunder announce the band's arrival with opener "Trident Steel", grinding out pitch-perfect classic doomy riffs with just the right amount of dirt in the tone. Overtop the downtuned assault snarls the main weapon in their arsenal, singer "Deceiver" and his growling, theatric delivery. The fine line between drama and cheese is expertly toed, and every tune's lyrics are a captivating narration of nautical horrors. The epic "The Cave" is a particularly outstanding showcase, as mournful guitars eke out gothic doom to soundtrack an ancient Lovecraftian horror's rise from the ocean depths. The highlight of the tale, however, is the totally committed delivery of the line "octopedal copulation". Against all reason, Deceiver somehow sells that phrase without skipping a beat, a mic drop if there ever was one. Follow-up "Man Of God" takes a less mythical track and instead delivers a ruthless send-up of religion, spitting blasphemies between the lumbering first half and furious war march of the second's galloping guitar and relentless drums. Each of the album's remaining four tracks are just as evocative and crushing, from the Motörhead attack of the aptly named "Doom 'n' Roll" to the epic and dramatic scope of ten-minute closer "From The Deep". Lucifer's Fall are here to lay down their hellish sermons with eldritch fire and brimstone, and theirs is a righteously doomed congregation.

(Written by Shasta Beast)





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