zondag 7 maart 2021

Holy Monitor – Southern Lights



Holy Monitor – Southern Lights
Blackspin / Primitive Music – 2021
Rock, Psych, Kraut, Prog, Space, Ambient
Rated: *****

Greek five-piece Holy Monitor have been around since 2015 and delivers yet another brightly colored psychedelic nugget! It’s called Southern Lights and it shines like every crazy diamond you ever loved before. They make it sound like it’s all happening once again; that perfect era in music history; that lovely sixties and seventies vibe. The restrained virtuosity gleams with every casual ripple of sound. And only when listened more and often does the subtle brilliance open itself complete to your ears and to your heart. The worldwide influences breeze through every song like a warm draught. Turning a shiver in your bones into a reassuring warmth. Stunningly crafted compositions all turn into this mystical and magical journey that every time again seems to become this pure miracle of sunrise. Cause without the right amount of attention you might not notice how special this all is. Indeed, this makes me entirely and completely happy.

(Written by JK)




Number 7 on the February Doom Charts!

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