donderdag 4 maart 2021

Black Hatch – One More Bite



Black Hatch – One More Bite
King Pizza Records – 2021
Rock, Punk, Garage, Stoner
Rated: ****

Scuzzy, fuzzy, crunchy and you’ve got the munchies, I guess you need One More Bite! It’s the fast paced, high energy, extreme voltage, 11-track record by New Hampshire quartet Black Hatch. It’s a frenzied punk assault on your senses, a feverish garage raid on your soul and a furious stoner invasion into your heart. Cause these cats whirl you around with insane speed and make it all go off like a frag grenade. Fractured but whole you will scramble around looking for your arse and your elbow and jump and dance and windmill around like an insaniac! Some will have a psychotic reaction listening to these 27 minutes of rattling noise; and those that don’t will be freaking jealous! Ravenously enthusiastic and ferociously fine! One More Bite is all it takes to make you doing Black Hatch main line!

(Written by JK)




King Pizza Records

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