woensdag 16 oktober 2019

John J Presley – As The Night Draws In

John J Presley – As The Night Draws In
AWAL/BMG/Nica Recordings – 2019
Rock, Blues, Stoner, Dark, Doom, Noise, Fuzz
Rated: *****

When you notice the drummer from Phe buying a record from an artist who’s name rings a bell but for some reason you cannot immediately place, you’d better run to the store and check it out. And so we did! John J Presley is the name and even though the family name holds gravitas, the music on his debut album As The Night Draws In has even more weight, depth and darkness to it all. His story telling blues; is atavistic, poetic, dramatic and wild. The music meandering through the stoner landscape, the heavy rock scene and the doomy influences remind you of so much and so little altogether. It is different and yet it feels like a long lost heavy diamond by artists like Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan or David Eugene Edwards. There is so much brooding under the surface and even though there’s always that pregnant tension on every track; it also dissipates when the following arrives. At which point it starts again; either with loads of distortion, a massive amount of fuzz or some earth shattering noise. So incredibly soulful, so heavy and so loud, this is one hell of an debut album! An absolute must hear, for everyone out there...

(Written by JK)

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