dinsdag 20 augustus 2019

ZED – Volume

ZED – Volume
Ripple Music – 2019
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Blues
Rated: ****

Ye gods! Another awesome band we never got around to mentioning. And that even after having Desperation Blues on repeat for most of 2013 and spinning the shit out of Trouble In Eden! And now, ZED is back! The new album is called Volume and we shall try to refrain from using that title for remarks about how loud it should be played or that it speaks to the listener in many forms and all that. Cause Volume is pure groove, a groove that goes back on a blues inspired trip through the hard and heavy rock in all its forms. Yes, this is stoner and this is ZED bringing the wild sound on ten damn fine tracks. There might be a few of them there that seem to remind you of tunes you already know, but that just is the love they bring to the stoner and heavy rock scene. There is only good stuff here and ZED proves that with ever building songs like Wings Of The Angel and the majestic riffs they just seem to effortlessly throw around. And those vocals, man, exactly the kind of grating, raw, harsh and inspiring voice one needs. And those soft and clean moments are just as amazing. Without a doubt the songs ZED delivers here grow ever more favorite with every listening session. ZED is back and Volume is once again, right there, a dead center bullseye!

(Written by JK)

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