zaterdag 24 augustus 2019

Doomed & Stoned In England

The weekend is upon is and so is the new compilation album by Doomed & Stoned called Doomed & Stoned In England! 104 heavy tracks curated by our very own Reek of STOOM and all equally stunning! So, that’s how you are going to spend your weekend… Total running time is no less than 11 hours and 40 seconds… Grab a beer, put yer feet up and listen to all that soothing heavy magic! 104 tracks long from the place where it all started, Doomed & Stoned is coming home! And it’s not serving up a piece of the pie… Shit, or an entire pie… It’s the whole goddamn heavy bakery! Grab a spoon, fork or some other weird utensil and dig in!

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