zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Life Savings – Endings

Life Savings – Endings
Narrowminded – 2014
Rock, Grunge, Noise, Punk
Rated: ***

Not long after Heydays And Maydays, the first track from the debut Endings EP by Dutch trio Life Savings, has started rustling your feathers. You find yourself longing for those garage rehearsals where everyone stumbled around knocking over paint buckets and stepping on piles of rusty nails screaming when the blood started gushing from ones feet and just continuing on cause the red button on the cassette player was on record. Formed in the doomed year of 2012, the three amigos have produced a four track little gem that is laced with dissonance and disharmony, with full stops and speed ups. With a voice that evokes slowly withering urgency and a bleak aluminum sound reminiscent of those fading memories. Exactly like Mark Arm or Thurston Moore can evoke. Grungy and noisy the boys truck on and deliver a very tasty walk on White Beef; which even transforms itself to something melodic for a moment. Overall the violent sound is ghastly and seems to runneth over from advertised tension. Which turns the little record into something manic, meant for the concrete jungle and with a tiny hallucinogenic edge…

(Written by JK)

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