maandag 30 september 2013

DoctoR DooM – DoomO

DoctoR DooM – DoomO
STB – 2013
Hard Rock, Doom, Seventies, Retro
Rated: ***

If a lack of dirty riffs and analog recording techniques have you ailing, give DoctoR DooM a call. The French quartet are able to transport listeners back to the mid 70’s via the Electric Wizard highway. “DoomO” is a 3 track EP that will whet the beak of anyone clamoring for the retro doom of yore. “The Sun” starts things off with a bluesy roadhouse stomp that may or may not leave your speakers smelling like cheap whiskey. Vocalist JL Pasquet certainly fits the bill with his wailing vocals. Second track “Relax You’re Dead” throws down some nice lead guitar work accentuated by the always welcome organ. The track plods along with just enough oomph to keep things from descending into an outright dirge. Closing things out is the aptly titled “Stuck in the Past” which brings out more classic rock touch points. We’ve seen it all before but frankly, that’s exactly what we want in a good old’ fashioned rock album. File this one alongside your Witchcraft, Graveyard, Blood Ceremony and Valkyrie…

(Written by Matthew McGarity)

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