dinsdag 6 november 2012

Town Portal – Chronopoly

Town Portal – Chronopoly
Subsuburban – 2012
Rock, Instrumental, Math, Post, Prog
Rated: ***

Earlier this year we already discussed Town Portal’s debut release Vacuum Horror which transported us back to some weird and twisted nights in their capital Copenhagen. And now the trio has returned with their first full-sized album Chronopoly. Their complicated time signature rock has continued to expand into foreign territories dragging the listener along on mesmerizing waves of leisurely produced riffs and lines. For that is the biggest difference with their first EP. There is more air and has a less cluttered feeling to it. What stayed are the ingenious breaks, progressive colored guitars and intensely groovy bass. There is a lot of variation and the tinge of jazz floating around professes their deep cool humor while their apparent ability is of an very own almost self-evidently brilliant level. A tiny bit clinical at times; but only a mope would be distracted by those few silly moments. Cause above all Chronopoly enchants and delivers once again melodies like whirling dervishes!

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