zondag 26 december 2010

Number 3

Number 3

The top three is actually made up of a top two. Cause the first two entries; the numbers one and two of the Ultimate Stoner HiVe top 20 list of 2010 have received almost double the amount of votes than the number three got cast! Which is surprising for many reasons; but it does not make reaching the bronze medal any less of a feat. This mythical Los Angeles beast has every stoner element one can think off; the distortion and fuzz are there; the guitars are tuned low and all of this is poured into a traditional rock ’n roll funnel. It deduces for their third album an honest and true working man’s stonerrock record. Add to this the vocals that resemble those of Chris Cornell and it is easy to state that we have a gem on our hands. It’s hardy; bluesy rock with a production that is both slick and extremely raw. The trio’s third album since 2001 is filled with huge sound, monster riffs and bone crushing rhythms!

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