maandag 7 oktober 2019

Ethereal Riffian – Legends

Ethereal Riffian – Legends
Robustfellow Prods. – 2019
Stoner Rock, Doom, Psych
Rated: ****

Ethereal Riffian’s latest LP, Legends, is a Sabbath-worshipping, full throttle rocker, and signals a shift from the lumbering doom of the Kiev, Ukraine fourpiece’s previous outings. The middle eastern effects and meditative quality of Ethereal Riffian’s past music remains, but for the most part the name of the game is riffs, riffs, and more riffs. Starting things off with a deceptively delicate but creepy intro of guitar and keys on “Sage’s Alchemy”, there’s an undercurrent of tension to the mysticism. It quickly gives way to the Sabbathy bounce and crash of “Born Again”, and the riff fest begins. On top of the razor guitar tone, a mix of clean and altered vocals soar and sneer, bringing an anthemic quality to the album that makes Legends sound absolutely massive. Guitar heroics abound as well, and Rage Against the Machine-inspired effects and wah turn the title track and standout cut “Moonflower” into barnburners. The album truly shines, however, when Ethereal Riffian’s mystical (see excellent bonus track “Yeti’s Hide”) and more rocking sensibilities are combined, such as the tribal drums and eerie, weaving guitar on “Moonflower” leading into a start-stop guitar attack, or the shamanic vocals of “Ethereal Path” and the chimes placed amid shredding solos toward the song’s end. Across its ten tracks, Legends is an impressive melting pot that is as cerebral as it is fist-pumping, and leaves the possibilities wide open for whatever path Ethereal Riffian take next.

(Written by Kyle)

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