woensdag 30 december 2015

Number 3

Number 3

“My mother made this upside-down cake that went horribly wrong. I made her make it again and again, for years, because I liked it so much. It never worked, yet it always worked, if you get my drift.” ~ Lemmy

We jump thirteen points from Luna Sol at Number 4 to reach the Bronze medalist of 2015. A band that has been doing great for years and had been having doubts about where to go to next after the album they released this year. But when you release such a glorious record, there is no way to go but on and on. Cause that is the only aspect of time that is constant. It goes on. Just like this album. An instrumental masterpiece. An intricate work of art. Like a high prized Swiss clock it turns and shifts and balances out on the exact right moment. The pounding drums and growling riffs have you soaring high. The time-umbrella concept really feels like an adventure; and thanks to all the minutiae you keep discovering little musical trinkets with every new listening session. This is definitely an album for the ages and I am happy to discover all you lovely freaks out there felt the exact same way! Number 3 !

Glowsun – Beyond the Wall Of Time

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  1. Been grooving to this since it was released, what an amazing album. Way better than the weak Uncle Acid.