dinsdag 1 december 2015

Dunst – Archimedes Waffen

Dunst – Archimedes Waffen
World In Sound – 2015
Rock, Psych, Instrumental
Rated: ****

Originally recorded in 2011, released in 2013 and now re-released, the Archimedes Waffen by German quartet Dunst celebrates all the psychedelic guitar goodness we all love so dearly. Not counting the intro and outro we are treated to seven jam-like compositions that weave a lovely heavy psychedelic rock tapestry full of ancient colors and hypnotic melodies. With almost ambient pauses here and there you soon feel completely immersed in the Dunst world. And you feel absolutely no need to awake from the dreamlike state these guys create. It is or should we say was, their second instrumental rock album, after which they apparently disbanded. Or does the re-release mean they are back together and looking to find their footing again? We can only hope so…

(Written by JK)

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