woensdag 2 december 2015

Clouds Taste Satanic – Your Doom Has Come

Clouds Taste Satanic – Your Doom Has Come
Self released – 2015
Rock, Doom, Metal
Rated: ****

We were absolutely smitten with the first Clouds Taste Satanic release To Sleep Beyond The Earth. That first record was not only brought to us in proper and extraordinary vinyl fashion, its heavy instrumental march was pure evil excellence. And now, the Brooklyn doomers return with Your Doom Has Come. And yes, it’s exactly as ominous as the title suggests. The four piece satanic stoners have done it again. With a portentous pounce, a first massive smash that lingers and slowly fades for twenty seconds until the riff begins, the Clouds drift in and spell doom and destruction. With a much more oppressive atmosphere they do turn hypnotizing once again, but this time around, the influences they take from repetitive stoner and sludgy tempos dispel any notion that you are dealing with deadly smoke here. Instead you get caught up in something much more rock oriented and almost catchy, for the lack of a better word. Cause they turn up the tempo on many occasion and seek out those age-old and proves strong structures. There is no doubt about it, the new Clouds Taste Satanic album is still menacing, but with much more of a leering grin than truly malevolent like on their debut. But hey, even pure evil relaxes with a beer once in a while…

(Written by JK)

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