zaterdag 13 december 2014

Number 19

Number 19

“Linkwood 1990 19 Year Old - First Cask Whisky. From the First Cask range of Whisky, this is a Single Cask 19 Year Old Distilled in 1990. Minimum of 85 bucks for this one!”

They hail from the grimy streets of London. And their sophomore album received one point more than Salem’s Pot. These four musketeers know how to make a bass sound hairy, guitars absolute intense and bombard you with grandiose drum work. This is the way of the ancient giants. The ones that once roamed the earth in search of true rock. And then there are the vocals; which seem to almost float like a sycamore dream upon that thundering river of madness. And through that haze you see or maybe you don’t what happened so many years ago…

Serpent Venom - Of Things Seen & Unseen

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