vrijdag 1 november 2013

Wolf People – Fain

Wolf People – Fain
Jagjaguwar / Konkurrent – 2013
Rock, Seventies, Sixties, Folk, Psych, Prog
Rated: ***

On Wolf People’s second album Fain, (or third, if you count Tidings) we hear folk melodies conversing with seventies inspired fuzz rock and something atavistically psychedelic. It’s a weird blend of Zeppelin, Tull and even some Sabbath. But perhaps it’s easier to come to grips and see their obvious love for Mighty Baby, Cream and Faiport Convention. The most astounding aspect of Fain is probably the almost complete lack of contemparary influences. Except perhaps they way it was recorded and made available. With lofty refrains and worldly memories of something ancient the psychedelic flows and rolls continue like the oceantide. Like the great storytellers of yore the four confidently stride backwards towards that small indent in time where classic hardrock and frilly folkrock got together to make flowerbabies. And judging from this highly interesting and intelligent album, the kids are all right…

(Written by JK)

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  1. I can dig it. But only on those moments of quiet reflection. Or something like that.