woensdag 20 november 2013

The Chewers – Chuckle Change and Also

The Chewers – Chuckle Change and Also
Self released – 2013
Rock, Art, Punk, Blues, Roots
Rated: **

Ever wondered what the weird and demented do when they get lost in the woods? Sure, some of them turn into axe-wielding homicidal wingnuts. But otherse form a artpunk duo that implores black, dark and wavey elements to their avant-garde rock. It’s The Chewers. A duo from the outback of West-Virginia. And on their album Chuckle Change And Also they give us ramshackle blues on pots, pans and batskulls. It rinkles and tingles and never seems the settle. Volitale elements swirling around and always on the verge of exploding. Raw and eerie, trippy and grungy. Filthy… Just filthy.

(Written by JK)

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