dinsdag 12 november 2013

Supervoid – Filaments

Supervoid – Filaments
Self Released – 2013
Stoner, Sludge, Psych, Doom
Rated: *****

Filaments, It’s hard to believe this is a debut album. There’s just too much solid songwriting, muscular musicianship, tasteful psychedelic musings, all cradled in a slam bang production job fit for the Mastodons and Baronesses of the world. But that’s exactly what we’re dealing with when it comes to Supervoid, a monster debut album that incorporates elements of bludgeoning stoner rock, ultra-aggressive NOLA swamp stomp, and nicely crafted bluesy psych workouts. The tracks come in pretty heavy at about 5-8 minutes per tune and remarkably, that often feels like it’s not enough time to kick out the surplus of ideas and pure drop-tune stoner jam. There’s really not a dud on the album and the balance between softer, spacier dynamics and blunt force death metal trauma is near perfect. ”Arcane Groves” demonstrates this well enough through its 9 ½ minute length.  It’s tough to draw up comparisons but the touchstone of Supervoid’s sound is the meat n potatoes metal of bands like Solace and Sasquatch, along with the quirky prog tendencies of Mastodon, everything just expands into metal mind-fuck territory from there. Highly recommended.

(Written by Matthew McGarity)

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