vrijdag 22 november 2013

Steak – Corned Beef Colossus

Steak – Corned Beef Colossus
Purple Sage PR / Self released – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Desert
Rated: ****

Heavy cruisers on route to some generator party or biker freak out in some run down part of town! The new EP Corned Beef Colossus by the heroic UK foursome Steak thunders down the road like Genghis Khan on beer run. It’s the deep rumbling of the bass and the tumbling of the drums that propel these massive grooves forward. This rhythm section is all about keeping the pace moving fast and steady down that main line. Opening up the landscape for the fuzzed guitar and excellent vocals to go wherever the spirit might lead them. Just listen to that psychedelic purr exhumed by the great magnet; and the incredible kicks your having once Acid Dave has sold you his stuff and has you licking his red woolen shirt. This is high energy desert truckin and begs to be devoured whole and on a regular basis. It will surely make you lift off and soar through the sky!  

(Written by JK)

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