vrijdag 1 november 2013

Horse Drawn Death Machine – No Light

Horse Drawn Death Machine – No Light
Self released – 2012
Metal, Core, Black, Doom
Rated: ***

On the verge of releasing their first full-sized album, it might be fitting to revisit the Ohio quartet Horse Drawn Death Machine’s last EP called No Light released at the tail end of 2012. Four intensely black and twisted metal tracks formed by full on aggression and screams of doom and despair. There is indeed little light exhumed on this EP and the endless barrage of screams, drums and riffs are only offset by some guitar solos and snaking rhythms. The seemingly chaotic compositions whip the listener into a frenzy; and you can either cooperate or bleed to death from all the lashings. And then there’s the third track Early Graves; that takes all that came before and adds some majestic guitar to it and keeps the pace droning away as it rolls and weaves and blueses up the atmosphere. Closing track Dark Days quickly blacks out the blue; but before it turns off the light completely the imperial guitar comes back one more time to appease and strap you back into the Horse Drawn Death Machine. On to the next town…

(Written by JK)

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