dinsdag 12 november 2013

Exporting White Elephants – Organic Raw

Exporting White Elephants – Organic Raw
Self released – 2013
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Grunge, Garage
Rated: ****

The Chilean duo Exporting White Elephants just released their debut effort called Organic Raw. Which turns out to be an excellent title for their first ten-track album. The bass rumbles highly organic and the drums pound and stomp like a massive beast. The outlines have a very natural raw and jagged edge to them. The record starts off tranquil and moving; and soon you are swept away by their grungy take on stonerrock with a blues twist. Their fuzzy take on garage and hardrock is supplemented by something that psychedelics it’s way into your brain and it’s amazing to hear the bass switch color and turn into an entirely different entity with almost every track. It’s easy to hear these guys have been at it since 2008; for it sounds highly accomplished and complete. Exporting White Elephants prove once again that you only need two true artists and the right spirit to churn out something fabled...

(Written by JK)

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