dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

Plague Mask – The Frailty of Human Existence

Plague Mask – The Frailty of Human Existence
Self Released – 2013
Stoner, Sludge, Doom
Rated: ****

On their debut EP, Plague Mask wheel in a nice pallet of psychedelic sludge for us all to feast on. Since the demise of the mighty Ramesses, there remains a gaping hole in the black/psych/sludge realm and with The Frailty of Human Existence, this quartet is nicely giving hope to that most bleak and fucked-up of sub-sub-genres. Kevin Cole’s tortured, desperate vocals lend itself perfectly to the tunes he’s fronting. Opener “Sink and Drown” serves as a perfect opening salvo with a moody bass intro that quickly gives way to a full-on assault of dirty riffs, dirty vocals, a nice palate cleansing solo, and back to more dirt. And more or less the formula holds true for the rest of the session. Brief respites into psychedelia are welcome in the face of such suffocating noise after all. Perhaps the most interesting part of PM’s debut is its hardcore punk level of efficiency. Usually these sorts of bands start off with a sound that sprawls itself out for several minutes per track, bucking around until they sink their teeth into a worthy groove. Plague Mask find their bearings surprisingly quickly in these 4 brief tracks and the collection is all the stronger for it.

(Written by McG)

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