dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Picaporters - Elefantes

Picaporters - Elefantes
Self Released 2013
Blues, Stoner, Doom
Rated: ****

Picaporters, which translates to “Doorknobs”, is a power trio from Argentina trudging the hard worn stoner rock path blazed by fellow countrymen Los Natas and several others. Their debut album “Elefantes” quickly lays out the cards brought to the table with the colossal “Hijo De Gaia”. Crushing, down-tuned, stoner blues riffs perform a balancing act with softer, spoken word dynamics until a flurry of Hendrix-inspired, torrential solo blasting sends the track off the deep end. Those same loud/soft tendencies resurface quite often during the rest of the session and lend the album as a whole an honest and powerful emotional bent. “Idea RAM” is where we see the Picaporters engage in some straightforward rock sensibilities and help shake off any bong resin that may have caked your ears in the early tracks! While stoner rock and doom run thick, psychedelic licks are never too far around the corner and as the set progresses the tracks become significantly more Lysergic. “Lluvia de Metal” is a about as ballad-ish as we get with heartfelt vocal beltings and soulful, melodic guitar soloing. The following “..de Metal” tracks follow a similar blueprint and are heavy but in a much different sense than the sludge trudge. The most important thing to note about Elefantes is that while the usual calling cards of the heavy rock, stoner, doom, and blues are certainly in order here, the entire set is infused with enough mood and soul to keep things interesting. One could say it’s a 2013 version of Cuidad de Brahmin.

(Written by Matthew McGarity)

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