woensdag 30 oktober 2013

Obelyskkh – Hymn To Pan

Obelyskkh – Hymn To Pan
Exile on Mainstream – 2013
Rock, Sludge, Doom, Metal
Rated: ***

The German outfit Obelyskkh is imploring some folky and pagan imagery on their new and third album Hymn to Pan. And they do this with such boorish intensity that you are dragged along violently and only dropped on the occasional forest clearing to catch a little air. Which is probably thanks to Andreas Naucke and Brad Boatright who mixed and mastered the album leaving more room to breathe. Together with the heavy burrowing, psychedelic brushstrokes and disturbing samples this is one hell of a steady march through the evil weald. And even though the swirling melodies, bellicose riffs and vocal punches tear through your every fiber. You will still leave this experience feeling tranquil, warm and in touch with nature. All thanks to Pan…

(Written by JK)

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