woensdag 29 mei 2013

Kylesa – Ultraviolet

Kylesa – Ultraviolet
Season of Mist – 2013
Rock, Metal, Sludge
Rated: ****

Ultraviolet is the sixth full-length studio album by Savannah sludge metal formation Kylesa. On it they seem to run through their previously explored avenues and move away through dusty and rubble filled post punk back streets and enigmatic dark and psychedelic cul-de-sacs. The five-piece, double drums, muddy trashers seem to want to skewer the sewers looking for the dirty tones lurking there. And every now and again they pop up through the grating like one of those hit the mole kind of games Sam N Max always play. It makes the record seem a little jumpy and all over the place, which might turn away some but does make for one hell of a scary and exciting ride. In fact it does not so much feels like an acid trip but more like a DMT infused car chase down cartoon filled highways… You should step in and tune out pronto! “Mind if I drive?” “Not if you don’t mind me clawing at the dash and shrieking like a cheerleader…”

(Written by JK)

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