donderdag 8 november 2012

Vultures of Cult – Fathoms

Vultures of Cult – Fathoms
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Metal, Sludge, Post
Rated: ****

We thank HjS for making us aware that Vultures Of Cult released their sophomore album not so long ago. Their first stoner rock opera Cold Hum from 2010 already hit our stomach like a lead brick and we can only hope Fathoms does the same. And it did and probably even harder and more vicious than their first one! Hefty sludge metal with some atmospheric elements of breezy post rock that is expertly offset by fierce growling vocals and dizzying riffs and rhythms. Think of some old school Baroness, Kylesa or even Isis and you’re in the vicinity. But with absolute wrecking ball drums and unwavering guitars this album has that air of frantic necessity and seems to stomp on the terra like an insane colossus. Everybody needs to hear it; that is the main feeling you are left with after almost putting yourself into a hospital. And we do absolutely concur; for this is sheer brilliance. For this is: whiplash music!

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  1. Damn good album! One little miss though, or I just don't get it. That 'Segue' track? What is that about? That one feels a bit like a duck in the wrong pond. A pond filled with crocodiles.