vrijdag 16 november 2012

Tumbleweed Dealer – Death Rides Southwards

Tumbleweed Dealer – Death Rides Southwards
Moshpit Tragedy Records – 2012
Rock, Instrumental, Stoner, Seventies, Psychedelic
Rated: ****

Canada, one of the chosen countries in this world so it seems. There are only a handful of countries that can sport the fact that the inhabitants are loved everywhere; and Canada is one of them. Sure their neighbors down to south make fun of them; but that’s only because they’re jealous. Another thing to be envious of is the mighty flow the Montreal born Tumbleweed Dealer has got going on their EP called Death Rides Southwards. Soaring through shimmering air and rolling across mighty plains the three tracks envelop the listener like a mighty current of psychedelic waves. It has this absolute classic feel and demands the listener to let go of all resolve; it terms total submission. Started as a one-man demo idea by Seb Painchaud (The Last Felony) he quickly enlisted help from his band buddy Felix Roberge. Soon however the conclusion was met that the music was too good for drumcomputers to be sufficient. After which Vincent Houde from Dopethrone came on board. Hitting every accent and never taking up space he lays out the mountains over which the guitars glide and the bass rumbles through. They’re currently recording their fullsized album and we can only pray that it will be as colossal and glorious as these trips…

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