zaterdag 24 november 2012

Prehistoric Pigs – Wormhole Generator

Prehistoric Pigs – Wormhole Generator
Moonlight records / Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Instrumental
Rated: ****

And there you are like some crazed Charlton Heston screaming at an almost completely buried Statue of Liberty or in this case Leaning Tower of Pisa. While behind the oink’s and grunts of the beasts in charge get louder and more ferocious. They will boar down you and devour you whole; cause these are the Prehistoric Pigs back to exact vengeance upon man. And there might only be three of them; but they produce a sound so huge and so crashing that you will assume it is a gigantic pack of wild boars hurling themselves towards you. And that’s when you hear the music in their righteous stamped called Wormhole Generator. This is seminal stoner with hints of sludge and atmospheric desert rock. With that edgy droning distortion that breaks necks and fuzzes out all need for salvation. For the rescue lies within the psychedelic and hypnotic abilities of these masterful riffs and expert compositions. And then to think that these guys started in March of this year!!! They’re maniacs! And they really did it!!!

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