dinsdag 20 november 2012

Missiles of October – Hangover

Missiles of October – Hangover
Pogo Records / Self released – 2012
Rock, Punk, Stoner, Noise
Rated: ***

As you guys may have noticed, I’ve been swamped with work lately and there is all this amazing music out there and loads of bands sending their music to the blog. It takes a while before they get the attention they deserve. They always do though and all requests will be met; but just bear with me. It seems like the wrong kind of name for this October and November; when the missiles have actually been flying over there in Israel and Palestine. But I’m sure the Belgian trio from Missiles of October (whose name refers to the Cuba crisis) has absolutely no quarrel with either side. Featuring three members of bands such as [P.U.T], ex-Monster Eaters, Big Peter, No Hope for All, Rotyes, Frau Blucher and The Drunken Horses, ex-Galvanized, ex-Contingent, Walpurgis the guys go for a heavy, dirty and loud sound that leans heavily on punk and plasters that sound with a bleak wall of cement ruckus. And just when you think you know where they will go with all this they suddenly slow it down and throw on noisy groove like a lumbering giant. Marvelous!

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