dinsdag 27 november 2012

Junkyard Birds – Freewheeling Freewill

Junkyard Birds – Freewheeling Freewill
Dead Bees Records / Dominomedia – 2012
Rock, Garage, Stoner, Punk
Rated: ****

The four French freaks of Junkyard Birds have released a new album and it’s called Freewheeling Freewill and sports some freaky fine tunes. After having been around since 1996 one might expect depleted inspiration or slow setting inertia. But apart from experience and ability these guys bring high-energy rock ‘n roll with a definite reckless, wild and crazed streak. Switching between sounding like lost recordings of Iggy Pop and MC5 or reviving greatness from Mountain, Blue Cheer and sometimes even Sabbath their eclectic tunes bring deep gratification and joy. And just when you get used to those very different moments they take you on speedrock mission or a stoner groove reminiscent of all those Californian greats. Varied and versatile are understating all these Birds bring to the table; songs that seem to hit from every angle and are an experience in their own right every freaking time again and again…

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