donderdag 1 november 2012

Down – Down IV – The Purple EP

Down – Down IV – The Purple EP
Roadrunner – 2012
Metal, Groove, Sludge, Doom, Southern
Rated: ****

With their debut album NOLA back in 1995 the guys from Down blew us away. After which followed two lesser albums ending with number III Over The Under in 2007. But the Phil Anselmo and his brothers are back and promise to deliver four heavy and diverse EP’s within the next two years. Taking the place of Pantera bassist Rex Brown is Pat Bruders of Crowbar. But that is the only big change for the sound is still as heavy, loud, gritty and muddy as ever. The riffs almost seem to want to bury the listener but thanks to the dark dance of bass and drums we keep a float. But above this gigantic metal groove it is still Anselmo’s impressive voice that commands the most attention. Even when the mood swings even lower and the speed even slower to produce a dark march with the song The Curse Is A Lie we easily recognize it as Down. Let’s hope the remaining three EP’s follow fast and have this incredible amount of commitment.

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