donderdag 8 maart 2012

Town Portal – Vacuum Horror

Town Portal – Vacuum Horror
Self released – 2012
Rock, Post, Math, Prog, Metal
Rated: ***

I remember those weird nights in Copenhagen. Wondering about the mysterious glass tram metro system. Getting lost around Vega and fighting off floating skeleton heads in Stubnitz. Following strange women to Ruba’Dub, screaming about tsunamis, dolphins with hands and biting girls in their arm to say goodbye. Aah yes, those were the good old days. Luckily we survived and can now listen to some good music to take us back there: Town Portal. With their first instrumental endeavor called Vacuum Horror they use equally eerie time signatures and unusual breaks. Translated by dry and airy drums, progressive colored guitar and groovy basslines. It has a tinge of post rock and an equal amount of darkness. For the most part it entices with an arcane and enigmatic imagery invoked by their swirling, whirling and complex melodies. Like drunken midnight mayhem in a city filled with angels… Gnide en End!

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