woensdag 28 maart 2012

Polarbeers – Tetris

Polarbeers – Tetris
Self released – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Psychedelics, Blues
Rated: *****

It is never easy to pick a bandname. Sometimes they just come to you and all members like it. Sometimes you settle for something. And at other times you just make up some crap and it sticks. But the Polarbeers went through a lengthy look at a refrigerator full of foreign beers. In a downtown bar, restaurant and local hangout they just stood there, with a beer in hand, looking at all the beers with their weird and ridiculous names. It took almost an hour before they noticed the Venezuelan Polarbeer. And then ofcourse; it was immediately decided. Influenced by a punk soul and a melodic groove reminiscent of Foo Fighters they started to carve out their own little sound in the suburbs of Milano. Plagued by many, many, many line-up changes. It took them four years to reach maturity and only after they recorded Tetris and the bassplayer featured on it again decided to leave and new one joined; did they find their final line-up. Which is now in the process of writing new songs and recording their first full-sized album as a trio. But let’s not forget about Tetris just yet, for the four songs on this EP are full of stoner and psychedelic blues splendor. But it does not really do justice to their awesome live sound. So let’s hope they will be able to capture that on their new record…

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  1. Excellent EP, but can't wait to hear a fullsized album with their new bassplayer!