woensdag 28 maart 2012

Polarbeers – Everywhere But Home

Polarbeers – Everywhere But Home
Self released – 2010
Rock, Stoner, Psychedelics, Blues
Rated: ****

As 2010 progressed the Polarbeers found new blood and Everywhere But Home was recorded as a foursome. Before the female guitar player had to leave the band again for personal reasons that might have something to do with bordering on the verge of insanity; or so the rumors go. Everywhere But Home is once again a gritty and dusty rock EP featuring four songs that excel in a massive wall of sound. Due to the production the wave of beautiful noise sometimes looses the focus and the melody that is hidden underneath gets lost in the avalanche. And with a song influenced by Dave Grohl on it and his manic love for coffee we can be sure that these guys got tons of humor too. Unfortunately after this little ditty Fox, the singer, guitar player had to undergo surgery due to a polyp on his vocal chords and the band again had to take it easy…

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